Grup de Recerca Mètodes i Aplicacions en Teledetecció i Sistemes d'Informació Geogràfica - GRUMETS


The aim of the Methods and Applications in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Research Group, GRUMETS, is the development of new algorithms, theory and methodologies in these fields as well as the development of applications that advance environmental and geographical research from basic and applied disciplines. The group has extensive experience in processing of remote sensing images from low, medium and high resolution, including airbone platforms, and has an antenna for receiving terrestrial Meteosat images every 15 minutes, drones, sensors and other specialized equipment. The integration of the fields of geographic information science, geoservices and interoperability, standardization, metadata, applied work and software development are also goals of the group.

GRUMETS is a highly motivated and productive team, consisting of approximately 30 researchers and multidisciplinary, from a rich diversity of backgrounds (geographers, biologists, environmentalists, physicists, mathematicians, surveyors, computer scientists, etc..). The group is considered by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a consolidated and financed reasearch and quality group since 2009 (SGR 2021 núm. 00554, SGR 2017 n. 1690, SGR 2014 n. 1491 and SGR 2009 n. 1511).

Group members have led or participated in nearly 100 projects (mostly international-EC, ESA-AECID and, national or local, as well as in collaboration with private organizations) and have published their work in major international journals and conference proceedings. In addition, the group develops the GIS and Remote Sensing software MiraMon, with a history of over 25 years and used in 40 countries by thousands of users.

GRUMETS coordinates the Master's Degree in Remote Sensing and GIS, the one with longest tradition in Catalonia (1992), and the first Official in Science and Technology of Geographic Information. Their students are working in companies of the sector, administrations (Town Councils, Generalitat, Provincial Councils, etc.), Research Centers and Universities, the European Space Agency, the European Commission, etc.