Grup de Recerca Mètodes i Aplicacions en Teledetecció i Sistemes d'Informació Geogràfica - GRUMETS


MiraMon is a geographic information system (GIS) and Remote Sensing software. Allows display, query, edit and analysis of both raster layers (remote sensing images, orthophotos, digital terrain models, conventional thematic maps with raster structure, etc..) and vector layers (thematic maps or topographic containing points, lines or polygons, etc.) and WMS layers.

Some parts of the code were written since 1988 but was in 1994 when MiraMon started to become a Windows application. MiraMon is developed cooperatively by different members of the GRUMETS Research Group belonging to the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF) and in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB); to date, MiraMon is a general purpose GIS, used in scientific, educational and environmental management fields which allows the visualization, enquiry, edition and analysis as much of raster layers as of vector ones as of geoservices like WMS/WMTS. It is used by about 200 000 people in 37 countries. Developed to meet the most common user needs MiraMon has behind a team of expert programmers in Remote Sensing and GIS who work closely with end users to improve the program daily.

You can learn more about the project by consulting your web MiraMon: